Bringing your good work to the world

If you aren't familiar with my work…

Here is a brief look at some sites I have designed — solutions for a range of needs and for clients big and small.

Julia Haines website

Replaced a "do it yourself" site.

Julia maintained her own “do it yourself” GoDaddy site for a while. Recently she decided to update and upgrade with a little professional input! We worked together to design a site featuring her favorite color, using built-in technology to organize information and highlight here exciting and ongoing musical career.

I already knew Elena was a consummate professional, and working together showed me the depth and power of her work. Her graphic/artistic approach to work and life is inspiring, and she applied that art to my website with complete respect to my aesthetic. Her perceptive questions about my work helped me to think ‘outside the box’ for my website. Elena is the insightful partner for making the website you want.  —Julia Haines


Celebrating a new publication with a new website.

With a new book about to come out the timing was right to create a new site for Cait — highlighting in one easy to scroll homepage, not only the newest publication, but also her other professional endeavors. The site was designed around wonderful artwork which inpired our color choices in addition to the structure of the pages.

Elena is a joy to work with—she is a rare combination of skill, sensitivity, design savvy, and real expertise. I am thrilled with my new website and am happily recommending her to everyone I know. —Cait Johnson

A new business needs a new website.

Growth Process Mental Health Counseling

In the early days of establishing a new practice, Ben and Cait simply needed a single page — a “digital business card” — a way to say who they are and how to contact them. As their practice expands and their needs grow, their site is ready to expand to add functionality, such as individual bio pages, more details on services, an intake form, and eventually connecting to scheduling software.

Elena helped us get online so new clients can be in touch. She made the process easy, quick, and affordable. It was a big help to have this taken care of as we had so many other startup details to attend to. Thanks. —Cait Cassidy and Ben Greenwald

Trina French Chestnut Hill Stables

A new website for an established business.

Trina French at Chestnut Hill Stables

With a change in ownership it was time to have her own website to promote her equestrian instruction and training business. Starting with some great photos and some basic information, this small website (only two pages so far) accounts for the services offered while giving a flavor of the location, the horses, and the people, along with the important contact information.

Computers are not my thing but I know it is important to have a website. Grateful for the know-how and open-minded thinking Elena brought to making my new website. Her expertise and patience mean I now have an easy to view site, which she is continuing to expand and update. —Trina French

Kathrine Switzer — Marathon Woman

A design refresh for a legend.

Kathrine Switzer — Marathon Woman

An outdated website was replaced with all new graphics and functionality while repurposing existing content.

Colorful images, a slideshow, a calendar, and home-page links to the various sections promoting her writing, lecturing, and other activities were refashioned to look contemporary and elegant and set within a system that allowed for the best user experience.

Grace Notes |

GraceNotes — a blog to feature this writer’s work.

Grace Welker, writer, educator & word lover

We started this website from scratch. Grace provided lots of content (words and pictures) and we collaborated to determine how to present her work. I met her expectations by utilizing the built in WordPress blogging features (she just populates the simple WordPress editing page) combined with convenient modules that allowed me to provide a consistent design and determine factors like which entry shows up first.

Elena’s design surpassed my vision of what my website could be. She asked all the right questions, accommodated my specific requests (pink!), and offered options I never would have thought of. She is very solutions focused. I found the whole process fun and efficient — I didn’t have to worry about anything, including breaking the bank. I love the result. Extraordinaire!  — Grace Welker

Rabbi Jonathan Kligler

A web presence for a multi-talented individual.

Jonathan Kligler, rabbi, musician, author and …

This website highlights different areas of the Rabbi’s active life using templates to organize a variety of content — blog entries, books and music (for sale), and a busy calendar.

Whenever I need a true professional for my web design and graphic design needs, I turn to Elena Erber. Elena has impeccable taste, is a gifted and sensitive listener, and has decades of technical experience. She is a complete pleasure to work with. —Rabbi Jonathan Kliger

East European Folklife Center

Forms, forms, forms.

East European Folklife Center

I created the original design for this site several years ago and, more recently, I provided some design updates when the offerings shifted from in person to online. At the core of the site there are forms for contacting, registering, donating, and joining. A well-thought-out and carefully-designed form can make all the difference in assuring the user gets to the “submit” button.

Eileen Fisher Women Together LifeNotes

A collection of inspiring resources to read, watch, or listen.

Eileen Fisher and the Women Together Team

LifeNotes is a subsection of the Women Together website that I designed in concert with the ThinkingPartners team. It is a great example of an enhanced WordPress blog/post system. The image above shows an archive page where the reader can browse something akin to a table of contents. Each listing is drawn dynamically (no manual work required) from the pages for each entry. Archive pages can be sorted and filtered which allows for viewing specific groupings.

An updated bilingual site features an archive of research documents.

Helios Center | Centre Helios

For this project (still in the works) I redesigned an outdated website that desperately needed to be refreshed. In addition to updating the overall design and making it fully responsive (preserving the user experience no matter the device, from a large monitor to a smartphone), the new site provided an upgraded system for managing and accessing an archive of research papers. Once all content has been written and added, the pages will be converted to offer a version of the site in French.

Elena took the content of our old site and collaborate with me to re-envision how to make it accessible in relevant ways. I can keep the site updated using the simple WordPress interface to populate the designed templates. I don’t have to worry about messing the design up. My additions slide right into place. Pleasure to work with a thoughtful and talented person. —Phil Raphals, executive director