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We believe in a co-creative and collaborative approach. It is the strength in the partnership between Elena, Ana, and Matthew. It is the way in which we conduct our relationships with clients and within our network of colleagues and trusted advisors.


Ana Sanjuan

Ana Sanjuan

Ana Sanjuan focuses on creating meaning and progress everyday through her work as a consultant and coach. She serves organizations dedicated to integrating personal growth and spirituality into modern business, education, and research.

Ana’s work reflects a lifelong passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their fullest potential. She partners with clients in aligning their most inspired visions with grounded, proven practices in business and leadership to achieve important goals.

Ana provides organizational development, management and program leadership to senior leaders and their teams. She lends experience and wisdom earned across 20 years of working across sectors- business, non-profit, civic, and higher education.

She specializes in the design and delivery of educational programs, ranging from open seminars to certifications and graduate degrees. She has produced hundreds of programs in topics ranging from humanities and business to modern spirituality, holistic health, and professional growth. She has a strong knowledge of adult learning theory, curriculum design, and transformational education.

Ana has keen understanding of the experts and teachings in the field of holistic health and spirituality. She is also a lifelong student and practitioner, making her daily life and business a “living laboratory” of this work.

Ana has served a variety of for-profit and nonprofit organizations including The School of Professional and Continuing Studies at University of Denver; Omega Institute of Holistic Studies; Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health; Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Center; Art of Living Retreat Center; Nonviolent Communication and Mediation; Chapel of Sacred Mirrors; and Seven Stones Leadership Group.

Ana has advised authors, experts, and entrepreneurs in areas such as business planning, productivity, and program design.

She holds a Masters Degree in Business, specializing in Organizational Development and Adult Education through University of Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology through Lafayette College. She is a professional coach who has trained in Cross Cultural Communication and Negotiation; Appreciative Inquiry, Systems Thinking, and Resonant Leadership.

Ana has served in a variety of organizations dedicated to the public good, including Compass Compact, a national organization promoting civic engagement in higher education; Psychotherapist Guild, advocates for patient centered care and rights; Local Business Alliance, champions of local economies; Children’s Hospital of Denver, foremost researchers on stress and disease; and HIV Aids Project, providers of cross-culturally effective services and prevention.

She lives in the Hudson Valley of New York, balancing a inspired career with a full family life; raising two sons, being engaged in her local community, and having fun whenever possible.


Elena Erber

Elena Erber

A 35-year veteran of the marketing and communication field, Elena Erber has a reputation for thinking out-of-the-box. This perspective, coupled with her skill as a designer, communicator, and organizer, has made her an integral member of many successful teams. She is known for her ability to bridge great design and aesthetics with innovative business strategy. Working primarily for nonprofit organizations, her passion for improving the world has had many opportunities to flourish.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has fueled her engagement in institutional positions as well as during times of self-employment. Her enthusiastic and open-hearted approach to the collaborative process has endeared her to a wide range of clients and colleagues ensuring a positive and fulfilling journey to a common goal.

Until recently Elena held the position of creative director at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. She has held similar positions at the Omega Institute, and Bard College. She is currently working with a variety of clients on branding, marketing and design.

Elena’s work life is complimented and sometimes integrated with her other activities and roles which include being a wife, mother, friend, designer, fiber artist, musician, entrepreneur, educator, volunteer, and gardener. She lives in Red Hook, New York with her artist-husband Bernard Greenwald.


Grace Welker ThinkingPartners

Grace Welker

Grace Welker believes in the power of words to catalyze change. A lifelong educator and writer with degrees in education (State University of New York, New Paltz) and linguistics (Georgetown University), she is an advocate for individual and organizational empowerment who has worked primarily in non-profit educational settings that promote inner and outer transformation.

As a marketing professional, Grace focuses on language and concepts that create strategic impact, develop brand identity, and build an engaged audience. She is skilled at establishing an editorial vision and developing messaging and content campaigns that align with business and communications objectives.

From 2004-2010, Grace served as Editorial Director for Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, where she led a team responsible for all editorial content, including four annual catalogs, the website, social media, print and online ads, marketing campaigns, and guest communications. During this time, she developed a significant online library of podcasts, articles, interviews, essays, recipes, and guest stories. She currently holds a similar position as a consultant for the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas. Grace’s other clients have included the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Eckhart Tolle TV, Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul Institute, and Yogis Beyond Borders.

When she writes, Grace takes great pleasure in creating an inspiring reading experience. Whether it’s crafting emails, ad headlines, program descriptions, or website content, she seeks to express an organization’s unique voice and identity through language and ideas that authentically resonate with the audiences’ desires and interests, provoking a positive response.

Grace’s early career was as a volunteer-program director, then as an English language teacher and teacher trainer, first in Washington DC, then in Morocco, where she lived for seven years. She went on to lead the education sector of the Peace Corps in Morocco, overseeing the training, placement, and service of more than 60 volunteers.

A longtime practitioner of yoga and shamanism, Grace is fascinated by personal transformation and the spiritual journey and has devoted herself to awakening people’s curiosity and awareness of their inner worlds and our shared humanity. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her dog, Alex, and is the creator and publisher of the Oasis Pages Diary for Teen Girls.



Matthew Fass

Matthew Fass is a web designer and programmer with over 30 years of experience working in the computer industry. Matthew has worked as a graphic designer, print production specialist, videodisk designer, CD-ROM prototyper, HTML programmer, and PHP and MySQL database specialist. He now focuses primarily on building rock solid and good looking websites in WordPress for artists, musicians, entertainers, medical professionals and small business owners.

As a detail-orientated coder and production person, Matthew lends his technical expertise to the ThinkingPartners team and builds custom websites to the exact specifications of the ThinkingPartners designers. Because of his extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress theming, plugins and functionality as well as website hosting and email setup, Matthew is prepared to answer questions and solve problems as they arise.

Matthew lives in Brooklyn, New York and when he’s not coding, he enjoys playing accordion, dancing to Balkan folk music, travel and Zen meditation.


Karen Levine |

Karen Levine

Karen Levine brings the full range of her talents and experience to the ThinkingPartners team. Her many years of administrative work—in the academic, non-profit, and small business sectors—and her natural bent toward organization, efficiency, and clear communication make her an invaluable addition in her role as project manager. She is a skilled assistant in the design and building aspects of a project, and is often called upon to guide clients toward self-sufficiency in the management of blogs and websites. She easily bridges the technical and human sides of our increasingly digital-centered world.

Karen is also a life-long visual artist, a musician—drummer and clarinetist—and musical instrument innovator and inventor.